So you adore cars, got a birthday coming up and want a fun filled day out with all your friends,.. then come join the Go-Kart Party!

birthday party

For many children, Go-Kart Party represents their first ever-driving experience and creating fun unforgettable memories is what we do best!

Modern, bright and extremely nippy, no kid will need convincing to drive our cool karts. But our karts a more than just a pretty face you see, here at Go-Kart Party we’re big on safety too!

Our inflatable racetrack and carefully designed karts come with seat-belts and fitted with sturdy roll bars, to ensure any contact made is a cushioned one, so the only thing you’ll need to focus on is having a load of fun.

Experience the thrill of motorsports in a Grand-Prix style environment. With adjustable speed controls on each kart and lively instructors, little tots and budding racers can cruise around our tracks, take on their pals and feel like one of the pros!

Go-Kart party is makes for a great day out and superb birthday celebration for any child. With a variety of fun driving games, activities and competitions, your children are sure to be entertained through out. And let’s not forget our awesome party rooms, here you’ll be able to set up party food and a birthday cake to surprise the birthday child and make them feel very special.

Go-Kart Party is the perfect kids party idea. Safe, exhilarating and suitable for all ages, Go-Kart Party will leave your child with unforgettable memories.