Parents tend to go a little crazy when planning their kid’s birthday parties. Here are a few tips to avoid going overboard:

no stress party tips

Keep a Realistic Budget

One of the first places you can easily go overboard is on your budget. Set a realistic budget that you can afford and stick to it. Make sure you prioritize what you need and then use the list as a reference whenever you are tempted to overspend. Think about your child’s age and for a child who won’t even know what’s going on be realistic and have the party that suits their age.

Duration and Time of Day

Some parents also forget they are planning an event for small children. This is not an all nighter for adults and therefore should be planned accordingly. Come up with a time of day that will suit the ages of the children and then decide how many hours are needed. Really anything beyond two or three hours will just drag on and make the kids more and more difficult to handle. Have a schedule that involves some form of entertainment (such as a Go-Kart Party!), a meal of it is around lunch or dinner, snacks if there isn’t a meal and then time for opening gifts and enjoying the cake. That’s really all you need for a successful kids party.

Guest List

A good way to save money is to control the amount of people you invite. Make sure the numbers are manageable and often they say to invite the same amount of kids that match you child’s the age. However, many parents with school age children do not feel comfortable excluding classmates so use your best judgement to determine what you can afford and what is a realistic amount of kids to manage. Many party venues offer staff that will be around to assist you whereas a home party you could very well be left on your own with a mob of kids needing attention.

Entertainment and Goody Bags

Having the party at a party venue will cover off entertainment. When you have a home party you are going to be faced with a group of bored children which usually means a bunch of cranky children who will be more tempted to stop being on their best behaviour. A fun venue will make things a lot easier and will assist in managing the kids. You can also get a meal and cake served more easily and then all that is left to worry about are the goody bags. Use your party theme as inspiration for your goody bags and don’t stuff them filled with cheap toys. Most parents will toss these items in the rubbish. Consider nice cookies with your child’s age and name iced on them or good chocolates or candies most kids will enjoy. This way your money is not going down the drain.

These tips will stop you from going overboard and focus on fun instead. Your child will be sure to enjoy themselves as will their guests.