Movie franchises play a huge role in the kids’ party scene. If you are thinking of throwing a party based on your child’s favourite movie there are a number of ways you can make it as authentic as possible so they can really enjoy an experience that they will truly enjoy.


Here are some tips to help you throw a memorable movie themed party for your child:

  • Costumes: Costumes are always important for a movie theme as it allows kids to get into character. Dressing up is always a good way to get kids to use their imaginations. You can take a few different approaches. You can have kids dress up on their own or you can have some costumes and accessories at the party for kids to dress up when they arrive. Both have their good and bad points. If kids do it on their own the parents have to foot the bill which might not be so great for some families but it also will have kids arrive ready for the party wearing clothes their parents have deemed safe and comfortable. If you provide the costumes you will not be placing a burden on parents and also add to the fun of the day as kids will feel it is part of the activities and keep things moving a little more effectively.
  • Cake: Of course the cake has to be a themed cake and ordering a cake will allow you to have an authentic looking “trademarked” cake. However you can attempt to make one on your own if you are a good baker and kids might not even notice it is not from the shops. You can buy characters and small toys at party shops to decorate the cake or decide to do cupcakes and use themed cupcake cups.
  • Décor: Finding movie themed décor will be easy and you will find it at just about any party suppliers. From invitations to cups and plates you will find all you need to create the perfect backdrop.
  • Activities: You can come up with a number of activities that revolve around the movie or even choose a venue that offers theme party experiences. For example if you are doing a Disney “Cars” theme you can elect to try kids go karting and for a princess theme you can have makeovers. Consider what the movie is about and then find a venue or activity that will allow kids to get into character and live in the movie for an hour or two.
  • Party Bags: Of course party bags will have to include themed bags and something that is relevant to the movie. Depending on your budget you might find small Lego kits for the movie or you can look for things such as themed candy or even have themed cookies or treats made up to hand out to kids.


Throwing a movie themed party can be quite simple, but they are so common giving special attention to detail will make your child’s stand out from the crowd.