When you are planning your first kids’ party it might feel a little like entering uncharted waters.

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Here are three important points to keep in mind during the planning:

  1. The Invitations and Guest List: If your child is too small to make their own list than you usually just invite close friends and family. School age kids can get a little more complicated when it comes to the guest list. The first rule to help make the numbers manageable is to consider inviting the same amount of children as your child’s age. For smaller children who don’t usually think in terms of kids being their friends or not being their friends many parents opt to invite the whole class. However this is not always within everyone’s budget. You will have to come up with a happy balance that will work for your party plans. If you are going the age route you have to make sure to hand the invitations either to the parents or even ask the teacher of your child’s class to place them in the children’s school bags. This way your child will not be publicly handing the invites out and potentially hurt the feelings of a child who is not included. It might seem a little extreme to use these measures, but you really don’t want to offend a little child who will feel left out in the whole process. As well although it might be common sense for most parents, never leave out a single child or even a noticeable handful.
  2. Other Parents: This is always a little awkward as well as some parents are very clingy and might be hesitant to let their child attend a party if they are not there as well. With this in mind make a note on invites that parents are welcome to attend. Ask parents to RSVP so you know if you will need more food and cake. When you have parents attend you will have some assistance in managing the kids so this is an added bonus of extending the offer to them.
  3. Gifts: It can be hard to decide when to open the gifts at a child’s party. It actually is a good idea to wait until the guests have left as you will avoid any clear distaste for the presents when your child is opening them. Unfortunately even the most polite child often lacks tact and it just takes one scrunched up nose to clearly communicate they are not happy with their gift. You can open them when your child is a little calmer and then extend your thanks via cards. As well it can sometimes lead to a long and boring process with smaller kids all itching to have a gift of their own. When opening gifts during the party be sure your child is gracious and then to make everyone happy have your little one hand out loot bags to their guests.

Following these three tips will help you have a happy birthday handled with tact and consideration.