Kids’ parties are hectic and busy which makes it very easy to have mishaps or even serious issues arise.


If you are planning a kids’ party it is important to consider the safety aspects of the day in order to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe. Here are five safety tips for you to follow:

  1. Food: With so many kids suffering from food allergies be certain you check with parents in order to ascertain if their child has any foods they should avoid.
  2. Choking: In hand with food, there is always the chance that a child might choke at a party. Kids might run around with food in their mouths and you won’t realize it until it is too late. Make sure you do not have snacks laid out when activities are going on. Instead keep food out of reach and only serve food when all activities are finished. If possible have an adult present who knows how to handle a choking issue. You might be surprised how many people are trained in CPR and choking maneuvers.
  3. Strangers: Whether your party is at home or at a party venue you have to have a very strict policy in who is allowed to be in the area with the children. You are responsible for each child at the party. Be certain you have an agreement with parents on the drop off and pick up situation so you can account for each child who is present and who will be responsible for picking up their child. Never allow a child to go with someone even if they seem to know them well unless you have express permission by their parents. Be certain you have a clear process that parents can follow. As well when at a party venue be certain there are no strangers in the area and if you do spot someone who should not be there let the party managers know so they can have them removed.
  4. Supervision: It is unrealistic to expect to supervise a party of children on your own. Make sure you have enough adults or teenagers present to help manage the children and keep them safe. You can also consider a buddy system so that kids are not left alone. Smaller kids are still pretty nervous about rules and are not as apt to break them, so feel free to lay down some ground rules with children at the start of the party to keep them within your vision at all times.
  5. Water: Whether you are out at a park or in your own backyard remember the hazard water can pose. If you have a fountain or water feature in your garden let kids know it is off limits. If there is a large fountain or pond at the park or venue be hyper sensitive to avoid any tumbles into the water.


These rules will keep kids safe so everyone can stay focused on fun.