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Birthday parties are often one of the worst kept secrets of the year. Getting everybody to stay quiet and not give a party away is notoriously difficult, and pulling off a surprise birthday party takes organisation, skill, and in most cases, a lot of luck.

Surprise parties are well worth the effort, though. The expression on your loved one’s face is priceless. If you’re planning a surprise birthday party for a family member or one of your friends, here are some vital tips for ensuring your plans stay a secret.

1. Keep your (and other people’s) lips sealed!

Here’s the thing – the only way your victim is going to find out about your surprise birthday party is if somebody tells them or drops too strong a hint. Any mention of secrets, surprises, or ‘something being in-store’ is a no go. Even if your victim suspects something, it is important that you give them NO clues or hints toward their suspicion being correct. Remember that even if your victim believes there is a 50/50 chance of a surprise party, your secret is still safe.

2. Assign an accomplice

Surprise birthday parties take organisation and a lot of skill to pull off. They also require a little bit of luck. You can increase your chances of pulling off a surprise party by hiring an accomplice to help you – or even better; you can hire somebody who you know is one of the most likely to spill the beans. This is a great way to keep the biggest ‘risks’ occupied. Having an accomplice also makes it easier to hide party decorations and any food / drink.

3. It’s all about the invitation

When you send people invitations for a surprise birthday party, they MUST make it crystal clear that your plans are to remain a secret, and that under no circumstance must the recipient speak to the victim about it. Consider sending an e-mail or a text message, or setting up a private (and password locked) Facebook event.

4. Keep the dress code simple

It goes without saying that no matter how awesome your birthday party idea is, your victim will not appreciate entering a formal dress restaurant wearing tracksuit bottoms and their gym hoodie. To keep the secret alive, consider setting a smart / casual dress code and on the day, simply ask the victim to meet you at the venue for a few birthday drinks and a meal. This isn’t set in stone, though – set the code that you need to keep your party a secret.

5. Leave no trail…

The last thing you want is for your surprise birthday party to be blown just before your victim gets there – so, make sure that guests park smart or arrive on public transport.

Have you successfully done a surprise birthday party this year? How did you keep it a secret? We would love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment below.