Let’s face it mum, planning a birthday should be fun but it usually ends up being a little hectic. It gets worse once the day arrives.


Here are some basic birthday party do’s and don’ts that will help you plan a party with less stress and then get some enjoyment out of the hectic day:


Be Specific: Make sure the parents of guests understand the full plan for the party. Include pertinent information on the invite including the drop off and pick up time, whether food will be served, if they are welcome to stay, suggested clothing based on the venue and/or activities planned. All of these points will let parents know what to expect and it will avoid any awkward moments such as a child showing up without a swim suit at a pool party.

Ask Your Child: Before you get the party plans started talk to your child and make sure a) they want a party and b) what they would like to do. Assuming your child wants to go to an activity centre when it fact they had their heart set on a go-karting party can lead to a little disaster that will ruin the day. You can offer them options that are within your reach and then decide together what their preferences are for the day.

Recruit Assistants: Whether is it grandparents, aunts or neighbours if you cannot count on fellow parents be certain you have at least one (or more based on the size of the party and guest list) at the party on the day to help you manage the children.

Collect Information: Do not allow parents to leave without having their cell phone number written down. Have a list and keep it handy just in case. Kids’ parties are touchy and from mini melt downs that leave a kid needing their mum to a child becoming ill you want to know you can call their parents to come and get them as soon as is required.


Lose Control of the Numbers: Remember how hectic it can get to have a mob of children to control and invite guests accordingly. Also keep in mind that the cost will mount quickly. Check with your venue and find out the minimum amount of children and then estimate how many more you can invite if any. Also consider who will be helping and if you are on your own keep numbers to a minimum.

Hand out Invites: Avoid handing out invites in front of the whole class or neighbourhood so that kids do not feel left out. Instead mail them to parents if at all possible and jot down a note to maybe mention to the child a day or so before so they don’t brag to other kids who might not be included.

Make the Party too Long: Keep in mind these are small children who will tire easily. You really don’t need more than a few hours to get in some fun, eat some cake and hand out the loot bags.

Following these do’s and don’ts will make things easier for planning and on the day of the party as well.