If you’re considering go karting for your birthday activity, may we say you’ve made a fantastic choice – we have been host to hundreds of go karting birthday activities over the past year alone, and every single party has been fantastic fun!

We have held full go karting track days, singular events, and tournaments for birthdays, for groups of all ages and size.

If you’re considering go karting, here’s why we believe that go karting is the best birthday activity.

It’s Perfect for Boys and Girls

Everybody loves cars, no matter their gender! Cars and racing are put into our front view as children – think Barbie’s pink car and Whacky Races. Even if you don’t love cars, it’s hard to argue with the functionality of them… I mean, how do you and millions of the other people get to work or go food shopping?

Whether you’re an adult male or female, have a daughter or son, go karting is awesome because it’s accessible for everyone. Boys and girls are equal out on the road and track.


It’s Perfect for all Ages

In go kart racing, boys and girls are equal – it is the quality of the driver and raw skill (as well as a little bit of luck) that will demine who comes out on top during a race. As well as this, karting is also an ideal birthday activity for all ages of people, from 4 years and upwards. If your little one loves cars then this activity is sure to please them. Teenagers will also love karting, because as we all know, teenagers love the things that they can’t have!

If you’re an adult, go karting is a fantastic birthday activity. Whether you go with your friends, family or work colleagues doesn’t matter – you’ll have a fantastic time.

It’s Extremely Good Fun

The main reason that go karting is the best activity for birthdays is because it is fantastic fun for the whole family. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor track, race in starter battery-powered karts or higher powered petrol karts, compete against each others as groups or hold a tournament, karting is sure to please everybody – even the losers (well, except the sore losers!).

A word of caution, though – karting is extremely addictive and competitive. You might find yourself coming back again and again! It really is the best birthday party idea ever!

It’s Cost-Effective

Go karting does not cost a lot of money – in fact, in general it doesn’t cost anymore than an outing to the cinema + popcorn, drinks and sweets. Go karting often has discounts for larger parties of people and so the more people who will race, the cheaper the overall price. Go karting can also last for more than 100 minutes depending on the type of karting you decide to undertake, so you really do get a lot of bang for your pound.

Overall, go karting is a fantastic birthday activity to undertake. What do you think?