Nothing is worse than throwing a birthday party that turns out to be a big flop. Kids sighing and rolling their eyes, not wanting to eat the food you made and asking when they can go home does not a successful birthday party make.


If you want to plan a birthday party that will avoid party melt down disaster there are a few rules of thumb you can follow to keep them happy and asking for more:

  1. Indoor/Outdoor: In the summer it is always tempting to throw an outdoor party. But what if it rains? Look for a venue that offers an indoor/outdoor option that will avoid disappointment. Make sure they accommodate you no matter what the weather or you will be scrambling to make last minute phone calls to parents to tell them where the new party is being held. Not fun.
  2. Get Help: Don’t try to do everything on your own. Recruit help and better yet book your party at a venue. Planning a house party can sometimes work out well, but it is all on you to have activities, fun, food and care available throughout the entire party. When you work with a popular kids’ party venue you will have a lot of pressure lifted from your shoulders and allow you to have more fun when the day arrives.
  3. Ask Your Child: Many parents make the mistake of planning a birthday party without asking their child what they would enjoy. From themes to cake and food to who to invite letting your child have some say in how they want to celebrate their special day will avoid a meltdown when their cake arrives with Elmo when they wanted Spiderman.
  4. Crazy Fun: You want to find an activity that will be crazy fun for all involved. Look for activities and venues that will be unique and not something kids will have done over and over again at other parties. Kids love a challenge and to learn new things, but not necessarily in a fashion that is tedious like being made to do an arts and crafts project or play educational games when they could be doing something more exciting.
  5. Age Appropriate: Some moms are not so keen about the fact their babies are growing up and make a big mistake in planning parties that are not age appropriate. Be realistic about your child’s age group and avoid hiring a clown or choosing a theme that they have more than likely outgrown. Talking to your child will help, but being sensitive to their expectations as well as avoiding embarrassing them will help.
  6. Timing: Make sure you time things so kids are allowed to enjoy themselves, get some food and then go home before they get too tired and start getting antsy. Even the most fun birthday party can end on a sour note if kids are not sent home soon enough. Tired kids, plus sweets and fun activities make for a disaster.


These tips will help you avoid a flop for your kid’s birthday party idea.