When you are planning a birthday party it is hard to come up with things to incorporate that kids will love.

happy party kid

Regardless of where you are planning your party there are a number of common elements that will increase the kids’ enjoyment and also help them have a good time. Here are five things kids love, especially at a birthday party:

  1. Prizes: Often younger kids who are guests at a birthday party don’t get the whole concept that only one kid is getting all the gifts. One of the best ways to keep everybody happy is to come up with activities that will allow you to hand out prizes. Kids love getting praised for their abilities and you can be certain every kid gets a prize for something. Whether you opt to play games, tie them in with the activities at the party venue or even just draw names and let kids pick from an assortment of packages of items they will love feeling like they are part of the fun.
  2. Getting Involved: Kids hate having to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else do all of the work. For example if you have a musician and don’t get the kids involved they are more likely to get bored. Think of things kids can do themselves so they feel a sense of accomplishment and can feel they are involved in the party. Choose a venue that encourages participation and allows kids to act instead of just sit back and watch entertainers perform.
  3. Appreciation: Kids love feeling appreciated. You can make a big deal about having them come to the party and let them know how much you appreciate the gifts they bring. This will not only make them feel welcome and good about themselves but will teach your child the importance of being gracious as a host and lucky to be the recipient of gifts and attention.
  4. Treats: So many parents are obsessed with feeding their kids healthy foods that they are often deprived of some good old fashioned snacks. Make sure the kids have some sort of treats they can enjoy without overkill with too many fizzy drinks, candy and ice cream. Parties are designed for fun and part of that fun is enjoying some good food. Kids are no different and having snacks they will all enjoy will make it feel more like a fun event than another reminder that they aren’t allowed to have sugar. Parents might give you the evil eye but you only live once and everything will be in moderation.
  5. Party Bags: Last but not least kids will expect a party bag unless it is their first party. Make sure you have something to send home with them that they will enjoy and to make it special have your little one hand out the loot bags to teach them how to show appreciation and thank the kids for coming to their party.


These are five things kids love and that will help them have more fun at your birthday party.